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Posted 10/28/2014 12:51pm by Carolyn Boyd.

Fall is here and it's soup time!

Wednesday, tomorrow, a group of older chickens will be taken to be butchered. (Thank you, girls for all your wonderful eggs!) Some of you have told me you would prefer the birds to be fresh, not frozen. If you are one of these people, now is the time to contact me. They will be available as fresh, whole birds on Thurs, Oct 30 until Sunday Nov 1st. On Sunday the rest will go into the freezer.

If you pick them up at the farm the cost is $4.50 / lb. If you pick them up at one of the Sacramento Farmers' Markets or at Mother Lode Harvest, the cost is $5.00 / lb. The birds will range in size from 1.75 lbs to 4+lbs (roosters.) 

Also, I am looking for customers interested in a "herdshare" to purchase an older ewe for mutton. She will be butchered and stew, ground meat and good soup bones will be available for the 5 customers wanting to be part of the herdshare. The date will be scheduled when we have 3 more customers interested. Contact me for details.

And lastly, it's time for the yearly Certified Naturally Grown Farm Inspection. Customers come out and go over the list of questions (provided by CNG) and inspect the farm to help in the certification process. It's a great opportunity for you to learn about organic farming! If you are interested, please let me know!

Thanks for your support!


Posted 3/7/2014 9:07pm by Carolyn Boyd.

Hi All,

Just a quick reminder because I still have much to do to prep for the markets. Are you planning your gardens? I have lots of seedlings! Also, to let the Carmichael shoppers know that I am going to be there on Sunday. I plan on being there every week again, if all goes well.


Rancho Cordova at the Light Rail Station, Folsom & Sunrise from 8am to 12 pm Look for Dan Port with Winterport Farm's Grass Fed Beef. He'll have some of Butte Mtn. Farm's eggs.

Folsom in the Historic Downtown area by the parking garage from 8am to 1pm I'll be there with eggs, candles, sunchokes, candles and lots of herb and vegetable seedlings.


Carmichael at the Carmichael Park on Grant and Fair Oaks from 9am to 2pm I'll be there, also.

 If you are wanting a frozen stewing chicken, please e-mail me to let me know. I will take a few with me, but it's best to check with me so I'll be sure to take one for you. I also have liver, legs, gizzards and necks. They make wonderful stock!

Thanks for your support!


Posted 1/3/2014 6:44pm by Carolyn Boyd.

Happy New Year, Everyone!

I hope your holidays were happy! A New Year to make all those changes we hope to accomplish!


I will have eggs at the Rancho Cordova Saturday market with Dan Port of Winterport Farm's Grass-fed Beef. That market is from 8am to 12 pm at the light rail station on Folsom and Sunrise.

I will be at the Folsom Farmers' market Saturday from 8am to 1pm. It is in the historic section off of Sutter Street.

Sunday, I will be at the Carmichael Farmers' Market at the Carmichael Park on Grant and Fair Oaks. That market starts at 9am and goes until 2pm.

If anyone would like frozen, stewing chickens please let me know tonight for the Folsom shoppers and by Saturday night for the Carmichael shoppers. The regular fed (with soybean meal) birds are $4.00 / lb. There aren't any more soy-free birds until I schedule another butcher date.

Please come out and support all the vendors at the markets! We provide you with the freshest food, and with some hard-to-find items!

For the local customers, I do sell from the farm! Please e-mail me for details.


Thanks for your support!


Days are getting longer and the chickens are laying a bit more! Here was what I found in one box today. This must be a favorite spot!

Posted 12/7/2013 11:30am by Carolyn Boyd.
Hi All,
Last night I was packed, eggs cleaned, tables and canopy strapped to the car. Well, at 4am I awoke to find everything covered in white. Very beautiful, but since I have a 1/2 mile gravel road before I hit the curvy and hilly Butte Mountain road I decided that driving conditions in an old Prius (w/o chains) weren't so good for travel at 6am. I'm so sorry to miss the market again today! Weather report says sun tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be able to get out the road and be at the Carmichael Market.

Eggs are with Dan Port at the Rancho Cordova Farmers' Market this morning. I delivered those last night. So, you might visit him. He sells grass fed beef - Winterport Farm, from Ione.

So, hopefully I'll make some progress today on some new products I will be offering:

Herb salts and Herb seasoning blends

I hope to have small bags and a few jars of them ready for the next markets. After you try them, I'd love to hear your comments! Customer feedback is very important!

Enjoy the photos! Now out to see how the sheep did last night! They probably are carrying around an insulating layer of snow on their backs!


Henhouse in Snow
Here is the henhouse this morning.

No one was much interested in getting out!

Here's my driveway/road, it's there somewhere under the snow!

Posted 11/1/2013 6:32pm by Carolyn Boyd.

Hello all,

Wonderful weather! I hope you all are enjoying it, too! It was beautiful for the farm inspection. Thanks to those who helped out! I always learn a lot from customers, too!

Saturday you can find eggs at:

Rancho Cordova Market at the light rail station with Dan Port of Winterport Farm. He sells grass fed beef and takes eggs for me.


Folsom Farmers' Market in the Historic section's plaza. I'll be there with plants, candles, soy-free eggs, wool products and a vegetables (lots of sunflower greens and Jerusalem artichokes or sunchokes!)



I'll be at the Carmichael Market at the park on Grant and Fair Oaks. I'll have eggs, vegetables and wool products there.


If you are interested in frozen stewing chickens, please let me know asap. I only bring them if they are pre-ordered! Please tell me which market you will be attending and whether you would like a bird that received "regular" feed with soy ($4.00/lb) or Soy free birds that did not have any soy in their feed ($4.50/lb.)

Please come out and support the vendors and get wonderfully fresh produce!


A reminder to local customers: You can order items and pick them up at the farm. I put a cooler down at the mailbox when it is convenient for you to come by. Eventhough local markets have closed for the season . . . you can still get wonderfully fresh produce! Just e-mail me to order!

Since it is dry during our summers, my chicken get wheelbarrows full of greens. Here they are at snack time!


Posted 10/11/2013 3:35pm by Carolyn Boyd.


Hi All,

Saturday's here again. This weekend I'll be at the Folsom Farmers' Market on Saturday from 8am to 1pm  Sorry, but no Carmichael market this weekend for me. I need to get beds ready for planting garlic and shallots!

Come out to Folsom and say hello! Remember, if you're interested in frozen stewing chicken, you need to request that I bring it. Send me an e-mail before 10pm Fri night! Other local shoppers can pick up orders from the farm - roadside pick-up. Candles can be ordered and shipped, if you want to send gifts!

It's the time of year when I must renew my Certified Naturally Grown certification. The farm insepction needs to be completed. I am looking for a few customers to help with this. It is a great opportunity for people to learn about organic standards and what goes on to care for the land and provide healthy food for people. I am looking at Wed Oct 30th or Thurs Oct 31st to do the inspection. If anyone is interested please e-mail me and I'll send more information about it.



On Thursday, 75 new chicks arrived! Next week there will be 50 more coming in. They are shipped by USPS and arrive in these boxes. 100 fit in each box, 25 in each quarter section! It's pretty amazing, and nosiy, as they seem to peep non-stop! I feel sorry for the postal carriers that have to drive with them!




25 chicks per quarter



Chicks hatch and are immediately boxed. They do not eat or drink before their trip. So, as I take each out, I make sure they get a drink of water before putting it in the brooder area.



So cute! But even so tiny, (born on Wednesday, arrive on Thursday!) they get into trouble and some were popping out a tiny hole in the brooder enclosure! Without the heat (95 degrees for the first week) they would soon die. In their new home they need the heat on. As they get older, they get more space to roam in and out of the light's warmth at will. For the next week or so, they stay close to the heat and cuddle between bursts of running around.


Thanks so much for supporting local farms!






Posted 8/30/2013 5:45pm by Carolyn Boyd.

Hi All,

Tomorrow, Aug 31st, I'll be at the Folsom Farmers' Market from 8am until 1pm. I will not be at the Carmichael market on Sunday. Sorry, folks there. However, you can also find the eggs at the Rancho Cordova market on Sunrise and Folsom - at the light rail station. Dan Port's family of Winterport Farms is kind enough to take the eggs for me. They sell wonderful grass fed beef, in case you're looking for a source.


The girls are still laying lots of PEEWEE eggs so the SALE is still on: If you contact me before 10pm tonight and request an order, they are 2 dozen for $6.00. At the market they will be 2 doz for $6.50. Single dozens will be $3.75.


I will have

cippolini onions,


yukon gem potatoes,


soy-free eggs (small, medium, large sizes,)

zucchini, yellow crookneck squash, and the Ronde de Nice summer squash. If you want a larger stuffer zucchini for breads, soups or stuffing, e-mail me, as I only bring one.

fresh herbs,

cucumbers, Armenian, lemon and regular

Sunflower greens

yarn, roving, fleece and sheepskins.

If you are interested in frozen, stewing chicken you will need to e-mail me before 10pm tonight. Please specify whether you'd like regular ($4.00 / lb) or Soy-free ($4.50 / lb)


Thanks so much for your support!



This is Mr. Ram named Tux. He is a happy camper now because he is out playing with the ewes! Lambs in February, if all goes well!


Posted 8/23/2013 6:36pm by Carolyn Boyd.
Hello all,

First an apology to my Folsom customers! I didn't make it to the market last week as I had planned . . . stayed up past 1am cleaning eggs. I couldn't get up at 4 am to get there on time! That's what I get for taking time off during the week for a vacation! Backlogged . . . eggs everywhere!

I will be at te markets on Saturday and Sunday this week.


The new girls at Butte Mountain Farm are very busy producing pee wee eggs! They are great used in ½ recipes, hard-boiled along side a salad, pickled, or anyway your creative mind prepares eggs! The shells can be saved (washed with soap and water, blown out) and used in craft projects.

A pullet (young female chicken) begins laying at 5 months, she’ll lay tiny Pee Wee eggs. As she matures, the eggs get larger moving into the small, medium, then large size. This may take a couple of months. Weather-like heat waves, can stress the laying hen and she may revert to the pee wee size again for a time.

Since I have an abundance of Pee Wee eggs these days, they are ON SALE! These are Soy-free eggs.

2 dozen Pee Wees for $6.50
A pee wee egg weighs less than 1.5 oz (this is the weight for small eggs). A large egg weighs 2 oz. So, if you are needing a "large egg" you should use 2 pee wee size.

If you PRE-ORDER pee-wees, they will be $6.00 / 2 dozen.
There will be other sizes available, too, at the regular prices.

Please remember that I do have frozen, whole stewing chicken, packages of necks, and packages of gizzards also for sale. You need to pre-order these. You have the option of soy-free ($4.50/lb) or regular ($4.00/lb) for the stewing chicken. Please specify which you'd prefer.

Weights of the different sizes ranges:

PeeWee weighs about 1.25 oz per egg

Small weighs about 1.50 oz per egg

Medium weighs about 1.75 oz per egg

Large weighs about 2.0 oz per egg

Extra Large weighs about 2.25 oz per egg

Jumbo weighs about 2.5 (or more) oz per egg

I'm also creating an "egg share" program. If you have any interest, let me know and I'll send the details when I get the plan finalized.

Thanks so much for your support!!

Posted 6/21/2013 7:23pm by Carolyn Boyd.
Hello all,

Happy Solstice! Wow, the longest day already! Plants are happy with all the daylight hours and the chickens are laying!

Saturdays we will be at the Folsom Farmers' Market in the Folsom Station Plaza at 915 Sutter Street. Come out and say hello! It is from 8am to 1pm every Saturday.

Tomorrow we will have:

SOY-FREE eggs, various sizes to choose from

Candles, 100% pure beeswax with cotton wicks

Veggies: beets, cabbages, turnips, rutabagas, fresh onions & shallots, shallot flower spikes, new potatoes and fresh herbs

Plants: Get your garden growing! Tomato varieties, eggplant, squashes-winter and summer varieties, flowering perennials, aloes, sedum, and asparagus ferns, and herbs.

From the sheep: sheepskin pelt, roving for spinning or felting and whole fleece

If you would like stewing chicken you must e-mail or call to tell me to bring it. These are whole, frozen birds that are very flavorful and best when cooked in the crockpot or turned into soup. Parts such as gizzards, necks, feet and liver are also available frozen.

Eggs will also be available Saturday at the Folsom-Sunrise Market in the light rail station parkng lot. Look for Dan Port of Winterport Farms sellin grass-fed beef. He takes eggs to this Rancho Cordova market for me. He is there from 8am to 12pm on Saturdays.

Thanks so much for your support!