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Posted 1/29/2016 10:37pm by Carolyn Boyd.


Hello everyone!


Wet, wet, wet! The mud is thick on everything here, but the grass is growing! It's a good thing!

Last Sunday many customers came out in cold weather to go over my farming practices to help me with the yearly certification process for Certified Naturally Grown. THANK YOU all so much for helping and braving the cold! I wish I had had more jackets for you all!

This wet weekend there will be eggs at the Rancho Cordova Farmers' Market with Dan Port at his Winterport Farm Grass-fed Beef booth. That market begins at 8am and ends at 12 pm, located at the light rail station on Sunrise and Folsom.

Sorry Folsom shoppers, I won't be there this week. 

I will be at the Carmichael Farmers' Market on Sunday, from 9am to 2pm. Come out an support us! Strong winds do send us home, but otherwise we will be there! We like seeing you because it can get pretty lonely out there if no one comes!! This week I will have some Swiss chard, aruguls and sunflower greens to add to the table of Soy-Free eggs, frozen stewing chicken, dried herbs, herb salts & blends, dried cherry tomatoes and plants! I have vegetable starts, herb plants and flowering bulbs to add to your gardens!

See you Sunday!

Thanks for supporting small, local farmers!


Posted 12/25/2015 10:45pm by Carolyn Boyd.

Happy Holidays to all! I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday! I went out today to do the morning opening and found a gift for me! The first lamb of the season was born this morning! Didn't quite fit in a stocking at 10.75 lbs! It's a healthy male. 

I will be at both Folsom and Carmichael Farmers' Markets this weekend - I have eggs, sunchokes, sunflower green, plants, herb salts and Spicy Salt Salt Substitute, frozen stewing chickens, arugula and a few other items. There will not be any eggs at the Rancho Cordova market because Dan Port is taking some holiday time off!

Come out and support us at the markets! Thanks so much!


Posted 9/11/2015 8:23pm by Carolyn Boyd.

Dear Supporters,

This has been a wild week at the farm. The Amador fire was in the backyard- burned some of my neighbor's land, but my place has been spared. I am very grateful. Cal Fire has been using our two properties as a staging ground - around 40 engines were here Wed. with all the crews. Bull dozers made a new road (aka fire break) up one of my hills, and the crews seem to enjoy watching the chickens as they rest. Activity has slowed as the fire moves away, but the farm roads are still used to get the engines from here to there. I felt safe having the place full of firefighters!

We have not had power since Wed which means no water also since we have wells. The sheep and chickens have received water hauled in. And today, thanks to a water truck that came for the engines I was able to fill 4 more garbage cans to use for the animals! I'm very grateful! The plants aren't doing as well - no extra water to irrigate.

Needless to say, I will not be at the Saturday market. Eggs are being delivered to go to the Rancho Cordova market. I do not have enough candled for the Folsom market. If I can bring all eggs and my candler to town, I may be able to get enough done for the Carmichael market, but no promises at this point. I'm sorry but without power - I can't candle them.

Here is a picture of the fire on Thursday. The roof in the foreground is my house. At the time of the picture there is only one Cal Fire truck visible. Note the helicopter with its water. It looks so very small for such a big job! My thoughts and prayers are with those that did have to evacuate!

Thanks for supporting us small farmers!




Posted 8/7/2015 9:46pm by Carolyn Boyd.

Hello all,

I hope all are enjoying this interesting summer. The weather doesn't seem to know how to act! Certain plants are a little confused . . . tomatoes want the heat! The animals are happy that it is a bit cooler, and so am I!

This weekend I will be back at the Folsom market and Dan Port is at the Rancho Cordova market with Butte Mountain Farm eggs. I will also be at the Carmichael Park market on Sunday. Both the Ports and I ended up taking the same Saturday off - sorry about that! 

This week at my two markets there is an "internet sale" on the Pee Wee eggs. If you contact me before 5:30am tomorrow (for Sat Market) and 6am (for Sunday Market) you can purchase 2 doz Pee Wee eggs for $9.00. There is a new group of pullets that has started to lay and I have many Pee Wee eggs. I need to know before market because I'll fill the coolers and bring the larger sizes unless you e-mail me.

Must get back to egg cleaning for this weekend! See you at the markets!

Posted 6/8/2015 12:09pm by Carolyn Boyd.

Hello all,

Looks like summer is here! Oh, my, the grass is crispy dry already. Sheep have faces that look like pincushions with all the foxtails they pick up as they forage. Chickens are walking around with their wings spread out to try and cool down. Squash and tomato plants are happy and starting to grow fast!

I am opening up the "Mutton Share" again. Since the grass supply is minimal this year and I have some older sheep that can't forage well, it's time to hug them good-bye and bless them for providing nourishing meat for our tables. Please contact me if you are interested in participating -ground meat, stew meat and bones would be available for purchase to those buying in.

It is also time to rotate the chicken flock and harvest some of these birds. I will be calling to schedule a butcher date this month. If anyone prefers fresh, not frozen, stewing birds please let me know and we can arrange that. There will be frozen stewing birds, liver and other parts, including feet for soup stock or your pets, available.

Sheep were shorn and many beautiful fleeces are available, along with roving and super soft yarn! There is a page on the website that lists all the fleeces with info about each one.

Those of you that are interested in the beeswax candles won't be seeing them at the farmers' markets any longer. Regulations have changed and I would have to staff 2 separate booths to sell them there. If you would like to purchase candles, please see them pictured on the website, and I can ship them or we can arrange pick up here at the farm. 

The market schedules have changed since winter - I am back to being at the Folsom and Carmichael markets every weekend. Dan Port, of WinterPort Farm with grass fed beef, who graciously takes eggs for me to the Rancho Cordova Market on Saturdays, will have eggs most weekends. He will not be attending the last weekend of each month. And for the Amador County locals, Mother Lode Harvest will have a booth at the Saturday Sutter Creek market. Some of my products will be available there. You can always pick up an order at the farms, too, if prior arrangements have been made. And, buying through Mother Lode Harvest is always another good option. (

Time to get back out and bottle feed one of the lambs . . .  

Tully after breakfast

 Tully after breakfast - notice the milk mustache!


Hope you all have a wonderful day! Thanks for your support of local, small farms!

Posted 10/28/2014 12:51pm by Carolyn Boyd.

Fall is here and it's soup time!

Wednesday, tomorrow, a group of older chickens will be taken to be butchered. (Thank you, girls for all your wonderful eggs!) Some of you have told me you would prefer the birds to be fresh, not frozen. If you are one of these people, now is the time to contact me. They will be available as fresh, whole birds on Thurs, Oct 30 until Sunday Nov 1st. On Sunday the rest will go into the freezer.

If you pick them up at the farm the cost is $4.50 / lb. If you pick them up at one of the Sacramento Farmers' Markets or at Mother Lode Harvest, the cost is $5.00 / lb. The birds will range in size from 1.75 lbs to 4+lbs (roosters.) 

Also, I am looking for customers interested in a "herdshare" to purchase an older ewe for mutton. She will be butchered and stew, ground meat and good soup bones will be available for the 5 customers wanting to be part of the herdshare. The date will be scheduled when we have 3 more customers interested. Contact me for details.

And lastly, it's time for the yearly Certified Naturally Grown Farm Inspection. Customers come out and go over the list of questions (provided by CNG) and inspect the farm to help in the certification process. It's a great opportunity for you to learn about organic farming! If you are interested, please let me know!

Thanks for your support!


Posted 3/7/2014 9:07pm by Carolyn Boyd.

Hi All,

Just a quick reminder because I still have much to do to prep for the markets. Are you planning your gardens? I have lots of seedlings! Also, to let the Carmichael shoppers know that I am going to be there on Sunday. I plan on being there every week again, if all goes well.


Rancho Cordova at the Light Rail Station, Folsom & Sunrise from 8am to 12 pm Look for Dan Port with Winterport Farm's Grass Fed Beef. He'll have some of Butte Mtn. Farm's eggs.

Folsom in the Historic Downtown area by the parking garage from 8am to 1pm I'll be there with eggs, candles, sunchokes, candles and lots of herb and vegetable seedlings.


Carmichael at the Carmichael Park on Grant and Fair Oaks from 9am to 2pm I'll be there, also.

 If you are wanting a frozen stewing chicken, please e-mail me to let me know. I will take a few with me, but it's best to check with me so I'll be sure to take one for you. I also have liver, legs, gizzards and necks. They make wonderful stock!

Thanks for your support!


Posted 1/3/2014 6:44pm by Carolyn Boyd.

Happy New Year, Everyone!

I hope your holidays were happy! A New Year to make all those changes we hope to accomplish!


I will have eggs at the Rancho Cordova Saturday market with Dan Port of Winterport Farm's Grass-fed Beef. That market is from 8am to 12 pm at the light rail station on Folsom and Sunrise.

I will be at the Folsom Farmers' market Saturday from 8am to 1pm. It is in the historic section off of Sutter Street.

Sunday, I will be at the Carmichael Farmers' Market at the Carmichael Park on Grant and Fair Oaks. That market starts at 9am and goes until 2pm.

If anyone would like frozen, stewing chickens please let me know tonight for the Folsom shoppers and by Saturday night for the Carmichael shoppers. The regular fed (with soybean meal) birds are $4.00 / lb. There aren't any more soy-free birds until I schedule another butcher date.

Please come out and support all the vendors at the markets! We provide you with the freshest food, and with some hard-to-find items!

For the local customers, I do sell from the farm! Please e-mail me for details.


Thanks for your support!


Days are getting longer and the chickens are laying a bit more! Here was what I found in one box today. This must be a favorite spot!

Posted 12/7/2013 11:30am by Carolyn Boyd.
Hi All,
Last night I was packed, eggs cleaned, tables and canopy strapped to the car. Well, at 4am I awoke to find everything covered in white. Very beautiful, but since I have a 1/2 mile gravel road before I hit the curvy and hilly Butte Mountain road I decided that driving conditions in an old Prius (w/o chains) weren't so good for travel at 6am. I'm so sorry to miss the market again today! Weather report says sun tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be able to get out the road and be at the Carmichael Market.

Eggs are with Dan Port at the Rancho Cordova Farmers' Market this morning. I delivered those last night. So, you might visit him. He sells grass fed beef - Winterport Farm, from Ione.

So, hopefully I'll make some progress today on some new products I will be offering:

Herb salts and Herb seasoning blends

I hope to have small bags and a few jars of them ready for the next markets. After you try them, I'd love to hear your comments! Customer feedback is very important!

Enjoy the photos! Now out to see how the sheep did last night! They probably are carrying around an insulating layer of snow on their backs!


Henhouse in Snow
Here is the henhouse this morning.

No one was much interested in getting out!

Here's my driveway/road, it's there somewhere under the snow!